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Our Team - Yasmine Shemesh

Meet Yasmine Shemesh

Jr. Marketing Copywriter, rock and roll enthusiast, and hip-hop dancer.

Yasmine’s affinities for music and dance – particularly hip-hop and jazz – led her to dance professionally, teach, and successfully chase after a career in music journalism.

These passions for the creative arts have played important roles in shaping Yasmine’s life from the start. Growing up, she would rock out to her mom’s old cassette tapes and try to rival Michael Jackson’s dance moves. When she wasn’t dancing, she had her head buried in a book, while dreaming about interviewing her favorite musicians and writing a novel one day.

Yasmine also enjoys hiking, camping, traveling as much as possible (a road trip through the windy Italian coastline is at the top of her list), and is the most at peace when she’s near the beach.