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Our Team - Karim Ladki

Meet Karim Ladki

Employee Engagement Consultant, passionate advocate, and entrepreneurial enthusiast.

Karim is an Employee Engagement Consultant with the drive of an entrepreneur, which is why he has found such a natural fit on our team. He loves making new connections with people and businesses, and enjoys helping others plan effective team building events, training programs, and consulting sessions for their coworkers.

When he was just 21 years old, Karim broke one of the vertebrae in his neck. The healing process was long and difficult, but helped to show Karim the importance of physical activity for people living with disabilities. It was during this time that his entrepreneurial personality emerged, and Karim decided to start a sports-adventure company dedicated to helping people with different abilities explore the world around them.

In this capacity, Karim created several unprecedented and inclusive events, such as a skateboarding competition for people using wheelchairs, and an obstacle-based race for differently-abled athletes. For his work in this field, Karim has been recognized as a community “Difference Maker” and has given speeches to young students in the area about his journey of recovery.

In his spare time, Karim likes to work on projects that are meaningful to him, trek through the woods with his canine companion, and go surfing whenever he gets the chance.